48 Nations Celebrating Peace at Bradley University

December 12, 2019

One of Bradley University's core values is inclusiveness and connectivity. This holiday season, Bradley's Student Involvement Office is applying this principle through a "Tree of Peace" in the student center.

As students gather to study or grab a bite to eat, they will see a sign that states, "In recognition of the 48 nations represented by the current Bradley student body, you will find native wishes of PEACE for the holiday season around the atrium." Next to the sign is a lit-up tree with decorative ornaments reading "peace" in the languages from all of the home countries of Bradley students.

"We may not all celebrate the same holidays, but we can all celebrate peace," said Executive Director of Student Involvement Tom Coy.

日本一本道a不卡免费In the provided images, you can view the ornaments up close. Student graphic design major Krista Frerking designed them to resemble passport stickers. Additionally, a graphic of each country can be subtly seen in the background. Frerking stated, "I was proud to put so much time into this project. I hope it can educate students on the diverse culture we have here at Bradley University; I certainly learned a lot!"